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Roop Pond
Mendoza Ranch, Coyote Lake County Park
Roop Pond is a short .3 miles from the Mendoza Trail parking lot.
Cattails along the shore provide habitat for a variety of wildlife.
A great place to observe dragonflies like this Common Whitetail.
A Cardinal Meadowhawk pauses briefly to rest on a blade of shoreline grass.
While a Western Pondhawk rests in the mud along the shore.
With patience you can edge within a few feet of these fascinating insects.
A magnificent Flame Skimmer basking near the shore.
If undisturbed, it will hang motionless for 1-2 minutes.
In Summer, watch for new arrivals like this Variegated Meadowhawk along park trails.
You may also see them basking along the edges of Roop Pond.
In a dry landscape, stock ponds provide water for cattle
and native species like this Coast Scrub Jay.
What could be more refreshing than a quick bath on a hot day.
The Coast Scrub Jay is one of our most common native birds.
A family of Coots with their young forage for food near the shores of the pond.
Cautious parents, the Coots herded their brood to deep water as I approached.
Far more threatening to their brood is this non-native Bull Frog, a voracious predator.
Along the far shore, a California Rose leans out over the water.
Amid trail-side grasses, a few Rose Clover blooms can still be found.
A tiny Acmon Blue butterfly resting on a seedpod.
Returning along Roop Pond Trail to the parking lot.
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