Light of Morn
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Rancho San Vicente
7 May 2014
An old ranch road meanders through a series of tawny meadows.
Serpentine seep ponds provide habitat for a variety of wildlife.
A pair of mallards have made the seep pond their temporary home.
Another seep pond, this one fed by a spring, is lined with bright yellow wildflowers.
Seep-spring monkey flowers are often found growing near springs and ponds.
Resting in the cool shade of an oak grove.
Ithuriel spear, an early summer wildflower.
A solitary male California quail acts as lookout for its flock.
Power line towers march across the landscape.
Golden Eagles often make their nests atop the towers.
Golden yarrow, another sign of summer.
Santa Clara Valley Dudleya and California poppies greet the morning sun.
A serpentine endemic, Santa Clara Valley Dudleya in bloom.
Santa Clara Valley Dudleya is listed as rare and endangered.
White Mariposa Lily.
Poppies, Creamcups, and Birds-Eye Gilia spill down a slope.
California poppies.
A single birds-eye gilia tossed by the wind comes to rest in a poppy.
A spring wildflower, Birds-eye Gilia disappears with the advent of summer.
An elderberry tree with blackberry bushes blooming at its feet.
Formerly domestic, now wild, a honey bee gathers pollen from a blackberry blossom.
A rusted out water trough.
Early Spanish called the Valley Oak the "Weeping Oak" due to its drooping branches. In the distance, a bone-dry stock pond.
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