Light of Morn
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Blistering Heat , Sept 2020
Stepped outside one morning around 7:30AM and was greeted by this.
Too hot to go anywhere.

Relagated instead to the house and garden.
Sharing my tangle of greenery, "Dustbunny" naps in the sun.

"Jackson", like his sister Dustbunny, were adopted as babies from a feral cat colony.

So far, my horse-manure garden dressing hasn't produced any fungi, just more weeds.

In September, three more immature mantids showed up in my garden.
The first one was mature enough to be relocated along a nearby stream.
It quickly exited its temporary terrarium home.
In addition to a riparian habitat, a small rural community is situated nearby.

On a dull, overcast morning, walked a ways on Calero Creek Trail.
Gals out for a morning ride.
"Havoc" demonstrating the "sit!" command. The only command he obeys.
Usually a favorite to photograph, this Black Oak has very few acorns this year.  
The Ohlone considered Black Oak acorns to be tastier than other types of acorns.  
And their leaves color-up nicely in Autumn.  

Hooray! Have finally joined the International Cloud Appreciation Society!  
Most sky views are taken from my backyard  
Front yard too!  
Sure looks like an elephant with upraised trunk to me!
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