Light of Morn
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Trailside Daffodil Display
Serpentine Trail, Calero County Park

Between spring showers, daffodils greet the sun.
For years park trail users enjoyed the colorful display.
Flower beds planted by home owner decades ago.
There was a formal bed of daffs plus those randomly planted.
A handful of different varieties on display.
Flowers blooming were like surprise gifts.
Plus, nectar-rich flowers such as daffs helped "kick start" spring.
First at an insect level, then so on up the food chain.
Predator chain includes birds, lizards, even other insects.
Here, a "Crab Spider" has matched its color to a Buttercup wildflower.
There was also a beautiful display of Snowdrops nearby.
This area was also rich in fungi and amphibian species.
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