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Uvas Canyon: Be There!
Autumn - Winter
Uvas Canyon County Park is best known for its beautiful creek scenery.
Trails run parallel to the creek with foot bridges for crossing.
Uvas Creek tumbles down in a series of spectacular waterfalls.
Large or small, this canyon's waterfalls are breathtakingly beautiful.
Colorful autumn leaves, acorns, mushrooms & fungus accent trails.
Here, a native trout idles in a quiet pool.
Winter storms provide ever changing creek scenery.
The sound of "Water Music" fills the air.
Autumn leaves add colorful accents along trails.
A spotted Banana Slug adds its own color pattern to the leaf litter carpet.
Uvas Canyon is at its best on cool, wet days.
Visit Park Here! for information and directions to Uvas Canyon - be there!
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