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West Pinnacles
February 2004
The park's located in the foothills
northeast of the town of Soledad.
It's 9 miles up "Shirttail Gultch"
(Hwy 146) to the park entrance.
Getting closer, the rock formations rise up in the distance.
Balconies Trail   Juniper Canyon Trail
The West Pinnacles are located a little over 1.5 hours south of San Jose, there's an offramp marked at the turnoff to Hwy 146 in Soledad. It's best to visit the park during the cooler months of the year: Nov-Apr. In spring, the wildflowers are "knee deep" along the trails. I recommend getting an early start because the park is extremely popular. Get here by 8:30AM to park near the trailheads. For years I'd heard about the West Pinnacles but had never taken the time to explore the area. Amazingly, the peaks of the West Pinnacles can be seen while driving north along Hwy 101, just south of Soledad.
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