Light of Morn
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Western Pond Turtles
April 2014
Set aside for the public. Protected from development. A haven for wildlife.
A screen of Spike Rush (Eleochaeris macrostachya) at the water's edge
and an old log provide a sheltered basking site.
Where canyons drain the surrounding watershed, gravel shoals collect at the water's edge. Ideal basking spots.
Watershed view with a single, blighted oak.
Lakeside vegetation, both onshore and along the water's edge.
A shallow cove formed by watershed drainage with basking areas on both sides.
View of earthen dam from the east shore.
Drainage channel feeding spillway.
Earthen dam with view of an old ranch road leading to the ridge top.
Below the dam, path leads into the forest. Yellow flowers are Smooth Hawksbeard, a favorite nectar source for insects.
For additional information: Secret Lives of Western Pond Turtles: .ppt (2.76MB) .pdf (177kb)
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