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Western Pygmy Blue Butterfly
Alviso Marina County Park, 21 October 2012
Best times to enjoy butterflies is between 10AM & 3PM.
Look for Pygmy Blues on shoreline plants & shrubs.
Male Pygmy Blue on pickleweed.
Beautifully marked male Pygmy Blue butterfly on saltbush.
Various seabirds like these California Gulls
can also be seen along the shoreline.
On any given day, there's a variety of birds active along the shore.
A male Nothern Shoveler fluffs its wing feathers as it enjoys the sun.
Two female Shovelers take their ease at the water's edge.
Numerous Lesser Sandpipers like this one also frequent the shoreline.
A gull takes flight. Note the clouds of tiny insects in the air.
Walk west along the berm trail to see and
enjoy Pygmy Blues feeding on a variety of plants.
A Cabbage White uses its proboscis to
sip nectar from a flowering shoreline plant.
Nearby, a Western Pygmy Blue sips from another flower.
A pair of male Pygmy Blues on Russian Thistle.
A lone male Pygmy Blue basking in the sun.
Another male Pygmy Blue soaks up the sunlight.
Western Pygmy Blues are most active in October.
Females, like this one, are on the look out for suitable mates.
Males too are actively in search of breeding opportunities.
A pair of Pygmy Blues in the midst of courtship.
But not all males find favor.
Two males jocky for position while sunning themselves.
Color pattern of the Western Pygmy Blue
blends beautifully with its surroundings.
Western Pygmy Blues can be found in
most shoreline parks at this time of year.
Watch for them through October in Alviso Marina County Park.
Here's links to a single-page, double-sided trifold pamphlet on
the Western Pygmy Blue. You are welcome to download either
the ppt source file or pdf version.
Thank you for your interest in my photography.
w.PygmyBlue Trifold pdf ( 248kb) w.PygmyBlue Trifold ppt ( 2.72MB)