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Injured Bobcat Rescue
3 December 2009
Found in the middle of a nearby country road. Took no notice as we approached.
This open stretch of road invites drivers to increase their speed.
Urging the little bobcat off the road, we noticed it had an injured hind leg.
As it was injured, unable to catch its prey and therefore starving,
we elected to capture and transport it to the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley.
Medical staff sedated the bobcat before handling it.
Bobcat begins examination by Wildlife Center's expert staff.  It weighed just 4 pounds.
Medical staff determined bobcat had fracture to rear hind leg.
Examination revealed bobcat was infested with fleas, ticks and ear mites.
Medical staff administered fluids, antibiotics to stabilize bobcat.
Bobcat's leg fracture required surgery and a metal plate to repair.
Bobcat fully recovered and released 26 March 2010.
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Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley relies on public support to remain in service.