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East Pinnacles
May 2001
Annoying the wildlife.
Facing the heights.
All trails are well maintained.
Trail into this area is a series of gradual switchbacks suitable for all ages.
Start by 9AM when temps are cool.
Note rock climber sitting on ledge, right of center photo, near the top.
Magnificent scenery.
It takes about 30-35 minutes to reach this view of Bear Gultch Reservior.
Landscape changes with altitude. View back down the trail.
Although we turned back at the Reservior, the Chalone Peaks Trail on the left continues up into the high country.

The East Pinnacles are located a little over an hour south of San Jose, there's an offramp marked at the turnoff to Hollister. It's best to visit the park during the cooler months of the year: Nov-Apr. I recommend getting an early start because the park is popular and they only allow a certain number of cars in. So arrive early to avoid disappointment. For years I'd heard about The Pinnacles but had never taken the time to explore the area. It's quite an experience. Amazingly, the West Pinnacles rock formations can be glimpsed from Hwy 101 just south of Soledad. In spring, a colorful variety of wildflowers adorn the trailside scenery throughout the park.
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