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Meandering Salamanders
An Adult Nature Series Presented by the Sulphur Creek Nature Center

Naturalist Sylvia Franke (c.) led a short walk to explore salamander habitat.
Sylvia (c.) shares her extensive knowledge of native newts & salamanders
as part of Sulphur Creek Nature Center's Adult Nature Series.
Exploring riparian habitat in Hayward's Memorial Park.
Salamander habitat includes rotting logs, deep leaf-litter, earthen banks.

These delightful amphibians reside at the Sulphur Creek Nature Center.
California Newt, Western Toad, and non-native Bullfrog.
The California Tiger Salamander is able to regenerate its toes and tail.

While we weren't lucky enough to see any meandering salamanders
in Memorial Park, we learned a great deal about our native amphibians, their habitat, breeding habits and annual migrations throughout the Bay Area.

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