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"Snake Sense " An Adult Nature Series
by the Sulphur Creek Nature Center

Naturalist Sylvia Franke (r.) introduces the Rosy Boa. A snake native to California.
One of the smallest members of the Boa family, the Rosy Boa rarely exceeds 3 ft.
Sylvia covered a variety of snake topics during her presentation.
Sulphur Creek Nature Center's beautiful female California Gopher Snake.
The group takes a closer look at a Garter Snake in a small terrarium.
California King Snake, Rosy Boa, and Gopher Snake.
A Snake's spine and rib cage extends nearly the length of its body.
When picked up, the snakes automatically coiled around Sylvia's hand for support.
Placed on a towel, this Gopher Snake slowly uncoiled and began to glide away.
King Snakes are immune to the venom of rattlesnakes and will kill and eat them.
Rosy Boas give birth to live young and release musk to deter enemies.
The Gopher Snake will often hibernate in winter with other snake species.
Gopher Snake on left is ready to shed its skin (note veiled eye).
Snake on right needs no introduction . . . how many rattles can you count?
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