Light of Morn
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Pastures of Heaven
January 2004

An afternoon spent wandering in the foothills.
Devoid of leaves, tracing the oaks' intricate branching.
Reservior water muddy with silt washed down by winter rains.
Photographed many times, some trees become old friends.
A well-worn trackway through the foothills.
Young oaks - like startled deer, seemed to flee before me.
"If it's slippery and it's green, it's California Serpentine!"
Colorful lichens thrive on their serpentine host.
Wind-bent oaks - always seem to be hurrying across the landscape.
View south towards Morgan Hill.
View of acreage threatened by development.
View towards distant open space parklands.
Mt. Umunum crowns the distant foothills.
Calero Reservior beyond the fence, down the hill & across the road.
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