Light of Morn
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Rancho San Vicente
13 July 2010
Non-native bullfrogs can often be heard croaking in a nearby stock pond.
A side canyon where Mt Hamilton Thistle, Van Houtte's Columbine, and Loma Prieta Hoita bloom.
Dead stalks of Mt Hamilton Thistle. Hillside patch above old ranch road.
The area's a jumble of serpentine boulders.
Seep where both Mt Hamilton Thistle and Van Houtte's Columbine bloom.
Van Houtte's Columbine
This expressive native wildflower grows only in serpentine soil.
Van Houtte's Columbine and Mt Hamilton Thistle also bloom side-by-side on Stile Ranch Trail.
Mt Hamilton Thistle also blooms trail-side in Kirby Canyon.
Mt Hamilton Thistle blooms once, then dies away.
A sudden whirl of wings above this tangle of coffeeberry, thistle, serpentine and columbines.
A pair of Anna's Hummingbirds wait patiently for our departure.
Hummingbirds sip nectar from both columbines and thistles.
Continuing down canyon to look for the rare and endangered Loma Prieta Hoita.
Lone sentry watched us passing, his flock concealed in trailside grasses.
Loma Prieta Hoita amid a tangle of poison oak.
The Loma Prieta Hoita is only found in serpentine soil seeps.
Small patch of Davy's Centaury found along the way.
This wildflower is common in seeps throughout Santa Clara Valley in August and September.
A portion of Almaden Valley, Fortini Road, and Santa Teresa County Park in distance.
County Parks hosts several public hikes a year into Rancho San Vicente.
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