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Venus Thistle & Hummingbird
Mayfair Ranch Trail, Rancho Canada del Oro OSP
Our native Venus Thistle is often mistaken for an invasive and destroyed.
This year a large clump of Venus Thistle bloomed beside a section of the Mayfair Ranch Trail.
This hummingbird visited the thistles daily to sip nectar.
Hovering briefly, it dipped quickly from flower to flower.
It took less than a minute to sip nectar from the entire clump of thistles.
Nearby, a bank of California Fuchsia bloomed, also a valuable nectar source for hummingbirds.
Ever wary and fearful of humans, if disturbed it will instantly fly away.
Only to return a while later to continue feeding.
Once it has sipped its fill of Venus Thistle nectar, it will fly off in search of other food sources.
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