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Western Pond Turtles
May 2013
This stock pond in the foothills is an ideal home for western pond turtles.
Water weeds provide both food and places to hide.
These two turtles were rivals for the same shoreline basking spot.
While one sank out of sight, the other swam steadily for the shore.
Pond turtles have excellent eye sight and their hearing is good too.
While still beneath the water's surface, this turtle saw me in the distance.
"Hmmmm,,,, What's that click-click-click sound I hear?"
"My gosh! It's a human!"
Quick! Swim away! Swim away!
Dive! Dive! Dive!
Into the depths and safety!
Alas! No sun bathing this morning!
Pond turtles are powerful swimmers.
Set aside for the public. Protected from development. A haven for wildlife.
For additional information: Secret Lives of Western Pond Turtles: .ppt (2.76MB) .pdf (177kb)
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