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Chalfant Petroglyphs, Oct 2009
Along a quarter-mile stretch of fractured cliff-face above a dry arroyo.
Is the site of an impressive array of Native American petroglyphs
Owens Valley is the traditional tribal lands of Paiute and Shoshone.
But these petroglyphs are older by a thousand years.
In some places, the entire cliff face is covered with markings.
Some deeply carved and more recent, others worn, faded, hardly visible.
Concentric circles, cup-and-ring, zig-zag lines, animorfic.
Three hunters, one appears to hold a bow.
Some carvings may represent spirit journey visions.
"A Guide to Rock Art Sites, Southern California & Southern Nevada" by David S. Whitley -- Excellent resource
Numerous symbols concentrated in a small area.
Note: At no time do I touch or tread upon petroglyphs. I use a variety of telephoto lens to capture images.  
More images which may represent visions seen during spirit journeys.
These carving high up on the cliff face, well above human height.
Incised boulder near dry streambed.
A thousand years ago, stream bed would have been much higher than today.
Bleached area at base of cliff was once the stream bed.
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For more information visit:   Fish Slough Area of Critical Environmental Concern
Recommended reading:
"A Guide to Rock Art Sites in Southern California and Southern Nevada" by David S. Whitney
and "Coso Rock Art, a New Perspective" by Elva Younkin
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